Hostel management system in PHP

hostel management system php – Hostel management system project very helpful for students and owners. Because it saves more time and accurate results of everyone. This is the reason to maintain hostel management project.

hostel management system php

Students are easily find out rooms through online, and book the available rooms. We have update courses, available rooms and food etc.

Features of project

There are many feature we have add the hostel management system its specially for students who are struggle to look the rooms, courses something like this.

1. Secure Login System
2. Contact & About Details
3. Session Management
4. Check the Rooms Availability
5. Food Facility & Display Fees
6. Rooms Allotment
7. Mess Bill Report
8. View & Apply Courses
9. Fees Layout
10. Secure Logout

Live Demo

Steps to Execution

Below, i have attach the download link so you have just click to download the project first. then,

1. Unzip the File and Locate the Folder in Server. I have used XAMPP server so i placed the file in c:/xampp/htdocs/hostel-management. Suppose you are used WAMP, then place the source code in c:/wamp/www/hostel-management. that’s it.

2. Now open the browser and visit on localhost/phpmyadmin and create one database. Database name is hostelmanagement

3. After creating database, just import the hostelmanagement.sql file in your database.

4. Finally, run the project in browser via the project url like localhost/online-examination that’s it

5. Demo Username and password available in text box, use that.

Download the file

I hope you understand how to execute the hostel management system project, suppose if you are struggle to execute the project feel free to comment below i have fixed your error.