Online Examination project in PHP

online examination project php – Now a days most of schools and colleges used online examination concept, because its save the time and energy so all of them follow this methods and results also accuracy. This is one of the best reason to use online examination concept.

online examination project php

Here, i have include the Live demo and source code so you have feel free to check the demo and download the source code.

Project Features

There are many features added in our project so its very helpful for who search the unique source code project in php.

1. Secure Login System
2. Forgot Password System
3. Session Management
4. User Name Oriented Results
5. Many Subjects we have added
6. Time Management
7. Unique Results
8.Save Unlimited results etc..

Live Demo

What we used

Actually we have used for HTML, CSS in make the code layput and attractive design compatibility for project requirements. Hereafter add some JavaScript code to make Client Side Validation concept for Create the new account and Login concept to authenticate whether he/she valid user or not.

Then use the PHP scripting language used for interact the application in client to server. We have also used in some place for AJAX code to get the server request and response.

Steps to Execute the Project

Below, i have attach the download link so you have just click to download the project first. then,

1.Unzip the File and Locate the Folder in Server. I have used XAMPP server so i placed the file in c:/xampp/htdocs/online-examination. Suppose you are used WAMP, then place the source code in c:/wamp/www/online-examination. that’s it.

2.Now open the browser and visit on localhost/phpmyadmin and create one database. Database name is user-login

3.After creating database, just import the user_login.sql file in your database.

4.Finally, run the project in browser via the project url like localhost/online-examination that’s it

Download the file

I hope you understand how to execute the online examination project, suppose if you are struggle to execute the project feel free to comment below i have fixed your error.