PHP MySQL Login Registration Form Single Page

php mysql login registration form – Here, i will show to how to develop php mysql login registration form with single page application. In some script i have used angularjs for develop single page application. In previous article we have already develop Single Page Login Example using Angularjs.

php mysql login registration form

Most of students like going on interview in one company, they are give some tasks like most task are develop php login register form with validation. So in that time every student are used google and get the perfect code for their task. But the problem is, when the student php login registeration form they are not get best code. That’s why now i have develop fully cleaned article without any error. Its very helpful for beginner who have no idea about php mysql programming.

PHP MySQL Login Registration Form

Okay, let’s start our tutorial to make php mysql login registration form. Just follow my steps to make login register form in single page with client server side validation. Validation is important part for every websites. So here i have also perform the validation for php mysql registration form.

Database Configuration

First you hsve to create one database, the database name like phplogin. After creating database just import the users.sql file.

that’s all, the database part is completed. Then we move on the php file for connect the database and perform the login registration form.

Develop PHP Login Registration Form

First, open config.php file. The code is,

Suppose you have change Database name just replace in config.php file.

Hereafter, develop the homepage code for php login registration form in single page. Already i said i have used angularjs script for perform the single page login script. The index.php code is,

Live Demo

Test the Application

After sign up, the home.php file executed. The exact output like below image,

php login registration form

Complete Source Code

Here, i have include the ZIP file. Just click to get the source code

Download the file

If you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to comment below..